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Worst night of my life!!!!

It was my birthday, I was sleeping in my bedroom, My mom who never disturbed me while sleeping came to my room and calls me twice to wake me up. She wanted to be the first one to wish me , but she found that I didn’t respond . She comes near with a smile, she sits beside me, she holds my hand she feels it cold, ignoring it she tries to wake me up, she is not understanding why I was not waking up...she starts laughing believing that I am playing some prank on her. She doesn’t even have a slightest Idea that I was dead. "DEAD" yes I was.....she stopped laughing when she realised something was wrong , but couldn't think what it was. Now she is scared and….........

Me : I was sitting on the table watching my mom and myself......I was in perfect health and dropped dead for no known reason....I remembered someone saying when your time”s up , YOUR TIME’S UP! I just kept staring at my lifeless body......

..........Mom doesn’t know what to do. She is blank, she wanted to shout but she couldn't’t....she ran to the opposite house , she couldn't tell them the situation in words,she bought them to me.They came to know I was not breathing....even they are not understanding what to say and think.They called more people from the other houses. Everyone feels the same That I was dead and yes I WAS.

Me : I didn’t move an inch......I don’t know whether i should laugh or cry on that situation.....I was thinking this is how I was destined to die???

.........People are having lots of discussion on the cause of death. MOM was just blank , someone called my Dad and my sister . It was grave until my dad came and it turned to violence later, He was shouting at something which I didn’t understand..........he started shouting and everything was gone.....I WOKE UP.
I was crying and was scared....I took about 5 min to realise it was a nightmare . I looked around my roommates were sleeping peacefully . I checked the time it was 3 in the morning, i din’t want to sleep ,scared of having that nightmare again....I felt very tired.That was the craziest worst night i ever had ,I was crying and acting like a crazy person.I didn't sleep until 6 in the morning.I sure hope I never have to live thru that kind of night again. I wonder what made me to dream that. It was just crazy......


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YES PLUS song :)))

Our group in DSN created this.....

when you just thought that there was no other go,
when the lights are out and its the end of the show,
Jab mann tha thakela, and nothing seems to flow,

See all the smiling faces,such sparkling aces.
Had this happened before, I would be happy for sure.
Doesn't matter no more, We are rocking the floor.
All the flying colors , come bang on the door.

Our minds so calm, Our smiles so warm.
Its like basking in the morning sun.

We are spreading the word ,letting people know
Thats there is a better way, if you wish to grow.
No more sleepless nights , no solitude.
our problems gone , everything is good in the hood.

Come watch us breath across caste and creed.
Sheer intoxication, no fabrication.

Its easy to stay on whining track
Just sing with us and thats the knack

We are Smiling faces, Sparkling aces......Smiling faces...

P.S - text in blue is Rap.......the beats doob chick doob doob chick will be going on all song:))


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