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The Complicated Sea

I sat facing the Sea. The sea was ranging and dashing its huge , slow, foamy waves along the coast with roar. I perceived the smell of ruins and the good strong smell of sea coast. I am passionately fond of sea, it is too vast , too full of movement impossible to hold. Unlike Earth , Sea is a different world, which has its own life , its settled inhabitants, its voices , its noises and above all its vastness and mystery.

Like me there were many who appeared to gaze at sea filled with emotions as if there is hope in the waters connected to there dreams. The Pessimists among them ,thinking the worst of life, Trying to flush out all the negative things in to sea which is making them hated and doubt their sanity. The optimists watching with their embellished confidence as the tide of sea ebbs and flows. Artists who spend great deal of their time alone , gaze the sea in a way which other people don't understand. They are watching it with hidden meaning and possibilities expressing lot of emotions , imagination which is intense. The couples trying to convey each other in silence that their love is like ocean , and promising each other to encounter the horror , beauty , dangers ,thrills whatever happens in this ocean together . In distant I could see a man who smoked 3 cigarettes in span of 20 min, He smoked As if it gave him the sense of satisfaction that he can't get from anything else , Perhaps he comes everyday to the beach stressed out with the work ,sits and smoke ,which gives him the holiday spirit into everyday living. Watching sea has aroused some kind of emotions in each one of us . Everyone trying to shed their difficulties in to the sea as if the salt water is cure for everything.

A strange feeling of loneliness ran over my skin from time to time. The Waves reminding me the times when I don't feel needed , times when I don't feel capable, Times When I don't feel strong. Gazing at sea makes my moods are swing between happy and sad. I look around realizing that everyone is different colors of the same spectrum of light beamed through the prism of existence. I would often stop thinking for a moment to listen to the mysterious voices as the loneliness ran over my skin from time to time.

When I turned to leave , I caught the sight of A old man in his 50 's walking with his daughter who is in her 20's but developmentally challenged .The old man telling her to gaze up to see the large shone moon which was reflecting in the water of the ocean , as she gazed she jumped with Joy. The sight was heartrending . But smiled when I heard her Giggle loudly enjoying the stars and beautiful sea like a small child. With affection in my eyes I questioned myself whats the point in being normal when I can't enjoy small Things like she does.....


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