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Rejoicing Single

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Inspired by some post I thought I’ll write a list of my own.

# When I am short of money I may skip breakfast, Its not like I have to pack tiff-in for husband and kids!!!

# I don't have any furniture in my room expect for 5 feet cot( 5 inches shorter than me ) for which I am paying 2000 every month.I care less, Its not like I have guest coming over for high tea or dinner. The only one who comes over are my friends and after a couple of beers, having it at terrace they don't even know where they are sitting.

# I may clean my room once in 3 months as long as I get suffocated by stinking smell of rotten tomatoes or fruits. I don't think it should be a problem for anyone.

# On weekends, I may be awake till the sunrises and sleep till the sunsets. And there’s absolutely nobody to question me.

# I have fully lodged kitchen (I accept expensive gifts so if anyone interested can present me one b/w I have long list) but I may have more maggi instead, Am I forcing anyone else to eat???

# I spend every single penny gracefully ,Savings are for people with responsibilities, and I have none.

# I may go for a movie after class, sleep at friends place,might continue the same and come back home after two days. Neither do I have children who are waiting for their bedtime stories nor a husband whose bed I have to warm.

# I may spend the entire week watching movies, dramas and reading books isolating myself from the world. Do I have any homework or projects to help with? well,I don't care.

# If I want to listen songs loudly or dance to item song at three in the morning, I can do so without the fear of waking anyone else up ( my roommate doesn't wake up even its high magnitude Earthquake)

# Yes, papers might be spread on the floor and I might be spread on them. Any issues? If you are visiting me please get used to it.

# Food eaten out of the packets, they are packed in is the tastiest. Plates are a major pain once used-till next use and the effort between the cycle, Ahaaa!!!!

#I wash clothes as I desire. And that too, I have to wash only mine, not a husband and kids'.

Last but not least

# Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I find the Shampoo is over. I might have to adjust the day without my hair washed. Its ok its not like I am attending high profile meeting today to keep my hair shinny!!!

Thanks to my single cracked life I can do all the above things without any effort !!!!!!!!

*** I don't drink..............

P.S : If you have single-jingle , Share with us :)

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