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Mulleyangiri Trek

It had been a month since my college started. I was in my own world,Working on project doing literature survey.When one day I got call from Chubby saying, I checked your photos in facebook,lets go to your native this time for trekking( you always agree with chubby). I said Ok. We thought of staying at my uncle's place first,thinking of all the restriction they would throw upon us,Neethu booked forest guest house.We fixed the date as 4th and 5th .We really got excited as the trekking dates came close.We went to Dechathlon to buy some stuff for trekking. We shopped for about Rs.14,000 . Neethu decided to pay , Don’t know how much she has cursed because she had to pay the day it has credited

Five of us trekking enthusiasts met at 11.00P.M in the majestic. we didn't book the seats as none got time to do it during weekdays and we crossed our fingers hoping to get seats as it was weekend. Neethu and Meghu had to come from office directly .I went to chubby's place,we had nice bath and nice food before reaching majestic.
We reached chickmaglur at about 5.30 A.M, after travelling for about 250 km ( from banglore to chickmaglur it takes about 250 km via NH48 ) everyone were so well setteled ( especially Neethu ) we didn't feel like getting down, but had to or the bus will leave for shringeri in few minutes and people out were waiting to board the bus. The bathrooms in the bus stop were decent enough to complete our morning ablutions. Though it was named women waiting room we could see two gents sleeping. Meghu has bought some liquid mouth wash and arguing that it serves as substitute for toothpaste for which kaddi was against. Meghu didn't realise she was arguing with the dentist. Once she realised everyone started laughing. We went to have breakfast in the Hotel Kamath hotel( they serve great food..there are lot of hotels around Bus stop) which was next to the bus stop.We ordered hot idli vada, Upma and manglore buns. The owner asked why we were there. when we told we want to trek in sarpadari he started advicing not to go as it would be very slippery . Which eagred us more to go there.We asked him to arrange a vehicle until sarpadhari (Becareful you should know how to bargain else the cost would be more than that it would cost you from banglore to chickmaglur).He got us a Jeep( sarpadari is about 12Km from chickmaglur. You will easily get auto but the cost would be more or you can catch a bus which goes to Kaimara and from there you have to trekk for about 1km to reach Sarpadari)There were another 5 people who were on there way to bababudangiri.Including driver we were 10 in the jeep. Neethu and chubby were ready with there cameras to catch the greenary through photos.We reached Sarpadari after crossing few hairpin curves,though the driver was very old, he was very good at driving.When we reached sarpadari we asked the driver how much time does it take to reach the top, he said it would take only 20 min.We paused at the starting point to change from slippers to outdoor shoes and to take photos.We posed for the photos as if we were about to climb himalayas :)

According to the blogs and our research we should see three Nandis before we reach the top. The diver told it would take only 20 min to scale the mountain and we started the trek assuming that we would reach the top with in a hour.And we will see all three nandis very soon( ha ha ha......).We found there was a defnite trekking path.As we started ascending the scenery was breathtaking . You can see whole chickmaglur on the way. The trek looked easier at first as it was mansoon the entire route was waterlogged and the route had actually become mini water falls. The route was steeper at some places and we had to help each other ( credit goes to Me and Meghu ). Neethu had weird kind of apporach while climbing , don't know how she was managing but she was managing well ( ha ha ha ha......Neethu’s stomach used to come in the way ) I was bit tensed about her balancing skill as it was very steep at places , but laughed at chubbys first ever great slip) .Kaddi shoes pulled apart when she we were half the way. She didn't have back up so she had to wear Meghu's slipper which was bit large for her size. Later she found out it was better to scale up with the tore shoes. There were two other groups of trekkers which crossed us and we didn't see a single girl ascending . After about 2 hours we could see the first Nandi.Nandi enclosed in pink flowers looked beautiful.We did a slight photo session .Resting there for about 10 min we set off to reach the top , by the time we reached the top it was about 11.30 A.M. There is a temple at the top of the hill where we camped for a while.It was higest point in karnataka( with height of 1930m (6330ft)),The scenery looks more beautiful when you struggle for 3hrs and reach the top.Before reaching the top we came across a cave which was pitch dark inside.Someone adviced not to go inside as there are snakes and bats.
We left top of karnataka at 12.00P.M to scale up other mountains we asked the gaurd for the route he said not to take left as it will lead back to same place.The path leading Bababudangiri was breathtaking, some places it was so steep one wrong foot and you are gone, but at some places it was normal walk except for the force of wind. The scenery was so captivating that you don't feel like speaking while you trek. I never imagined that the place would be so beautiful,Well none of us has imagined.The wind was so high sometimes it would push us off from the trail at times. We took a break at the top of one of the hill to munch on some snacks to help us in the journey . We thought we were lost for a while, but kept moving , we had to fight the elements mentally and physically to go on. Meghu came up with a very good strategy to look up for the footprints of the other trekkers .As we went on we saw the valley on the side of trail was very beautiful, these were the moments we felt we should camp here next time when we come. Meghu and me had to find some tactics, at times to help others cross ,as it was almost vertical fall at some places.We encountered one more group of trekkers which ensured us that we were on the right track.Everyone was doing very well finding there own technique to scale down ( Neethu's strategy was unbelivable ( sarcasm)) I found it easier to climb up than to descend at steep hillsides. Though we realised the danger at steeper rocks we cared a damn.We hit the road at about 3 in the afternoon and decided to drop the idea of trekking to Bababudangiri.We ate lunch which we bought from the hotel Kamat.I called the van driver to pick us.everyone made me to call him thrice as the cold was unberable.We did some creative photo session (Meghu being very creative). until the van came.We laughed at the drivers comment “ He would become KULFI if he was driving in that place for long ”. It had been wonderful day so far. It was very enjoyable as this was our first trekk without a guide and had to face such weather conditions . We went to muthodi for the stay. Because of the district DC's daughter and her 60 friends we got Tourist Bunglow to stay which had breathtaking scenery from the top. It would take another two full pages if I write how we spent time in MUthodi.....Awaiting our next trekking I am ending my long writing ........Thanks everyone ( Neethu, Chubby , Kaddi , Meghu , Drivers , Gaurds and DC's daughter ) For making my weekend!

P S :
1) Neethu photography skill has improved ( we would have not got such great photos if it was not for her and her camera).
2) Kaddi Thanks for the nice walk and conversation we had at the bus stop....it really helped to tolerate that unberable cold.
3) Chubby coined the word G-link ( G-Gowda ) , Neethu and Meghu coined B- link which became famous among us and we had an argument for a while upon that ( Both the G- links(Meghu and Me) rocked during the trek).
4) Neethu lost her cell on our way to Bunglow :).
5) Chubby atlast releved the secret about Preetham.....to componsate it she gave us treat in TAJ she also said she has set a bench mark if anyone is releving this kind of secret they have to treat everyone in hotel better or equal to TAJ....:)
6)Gayana and Swapna we missed you, hope you guys wil make it up,in our next trekking.


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