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Wear a smile

I missed my yoga classes for a week because of my hectic thesis work.The preliminary part was finally over and I was back to my normal routine. After the rejuvenating session in the yoga class I walked with the jaunty steps to get milk and Newspaper.Someone from behind called me "hey", when I turned back she said hello...I said hi, It was the woman who works for some corporate, She was waiting for her cab, everyday we exchanged hello's and smile.For a minute she was silent and there was awkward question mark on my face. She asked " Are you ok ??" . With laugh I said " I am perfectly fine, I was only busy with my paper work in my college" . She said she thought something terrible has happened to me for she has not seen me that whole week ,and to my surprise she broke down in to tears. I don't why she was crying but it was pretty obvious that she had some problem. She managed to smile at me and said that she had lot of problems at home my tag "Have a nice day" at the end of conversation and smile everyday, meant more than I could imagine . She said she has missed it terribly for the whole week.she also said I have a beautiful smile ( he he for which I was little blushing but didn't let her to realise it). I realised that couple of words and a smile would make someone's day :). My mom always said good people share smiles ,words,favour's and she made us live that way.I always smiled at people and would add "have a nice day" tag at the end of conversation, Sometimes I smiled like big bob bumble bear even at strangers. It had become a simple rule in my life .Initially my mind would play game of what would they think, will they smile,will they smile not.I would discuss this with my mom and she would say its not about you, its about delivering an unexpected smile on someone's face and the best way to do that was wearing a big fat smile on yours.I cared less about what people think I just kept smiling like a big bob bumble bear. Some people would smile back and some young people seemed like they are too involved in their own thoughts or live and passed me by as if I am invisible. Some responded back with a quizzical smile and an expression "what's up with her". When I smiled at young boy who was works construction site,he gave me back 1000-watt smile. The people who work at the corporate don't have time even to look up, they would be busy engrossed with there i-phones and some didn't want to waste time on smiling. But I don't mind, I smile happily and brightly when they smile back, I realise that I had pass it on them .

All smiles

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Anonymous said...

nice.... :)
keep spreadin de smile... as always... :)

gracy said...

I check back on your link and yeah i find myself smiling. I didn't know smiles have lots of power. Maybe i should start trying it out :)

Destiny's child... said...

Smile is what one must never forget to wear ;) We don't realize it, but one friendly smile may mean a lot to others around us.:)

Keep smiling!

Neethu Peter said...

Super rani...I seriously fell in love with your blog...I am gonna start doing this from now on :-) Big deal, after all a smile :-)

Bindiya said...

Maybe thats why people says, 'smile alot it costs nothing!!' Keep on smiling gurl... N i'll do the same!!

Anu said...

Bindi........Atlast :P. Hope you r preparing well for ur exams:P

Jeremy Bates said...

Smile! makes you forever young;D

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