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The little boy

Children always held special place in my heart. I always pretend to know them, watch them in silence, follow their slightest movement with affection in my glace.The natural innocence of children is something I cherish. Their cute little faces and chubby bodies are adorable and usually bring out the best in us. Sometimes they behave more intelligent then adults. They are innocent and open to life fully.

I come across lot of kids on my way to college. But this ,one kid really got my attention, who always indulged in the childish games like piling hills of sand in the footpath or playing pranks on the dog which affectionately licked him . When I smile at him or give him a flying kiss he pretend to catch it and sincerely return it . I always left for college at 8.30A.M and he happened to be there everyday waiting for his school bus, with his neatly pressed clothes and polished shoes , his school bag dangling in the back.

It was long weekend with college closed on Saturday and Monday for festival . My family wanted me to come home. My routine of going to college was back after a little togetherness with my parents and lot of laughter with my cousins , back home. On my way to the college I didn't see the kid, thought he might have gone to his native for festival and will return soon, But I didn't see him the whole week . I derived many theories , that they might have shifted there house , but the dog was there , so they must not have left. Thought he must be on vacation but it was neither summer or Dasara ( october) . It was very unusual to take such long leave during school days. I waited ,but didn't see him for next 10 days , I started missing him terribly. I felt something was wrong, I made up my mind to ask about him the following evening .

The following evening I went to the house where the kid lived , I rang the bell , A woman of 35 came to open the door, she looked like her heart was torn with grief, for a moment I hesitated and thought of telling her that I have come to wrong house, but I made my mind to ask her about the kid for I was terribly missing him. When I did, she broke in to tears she wept loudly and continually, until someone came running from inside. He found out I was asking about the boy, he came to me and said the boy met with the accident and died in the spot during festival. For a moment I felt , My life will not be same , The emotions were tremendous , Isolation started to set in quickly .I was blank for 10 minutes, I don't know what to think, what to feel and what was happening??I told my condolences to them , but my mind was still filled with the grief, She was a good mother and he was a good father why such sort of horrible thing has happened to them. perhaps her whole life she is going to live with the fear of loosing someone again. For few days my mind was haunted by the remembrance , the smile , the kiss, every charm of that innocent cute little boy. I came to room shut myself and wept. That day I lay in my bed afraid and anxious. I was Engrossed with my books for next two days until I realised that Although the world is full of suffering , it is full of overcoming of it. Initially I thought constantly about the Mother who has lost ,Time the healer somehow managed to assuage my grief. Whenever I read in the news paper the death of the child, It recalls to my mind the remembrance of the days, in which I saw the kid everyday. I take the other route though it is longer to reach the college .

P.S: May his soul rest in Peace


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Anonymous said...

sorry 4der parents... may his soul rest in peace..

Rachna Chhabria said...

This is a heart tugging post, felt really sorry for the parents. I can sympathize with your feelings. May the boy's soul rest in peace.

Langa said...

Anu, it's a very sad story. It is heart aching. I feel for him and his parents and you indeed. Let's pray that his soul rests in peace. I always feel the world is very unfair especially when it takes away the life of a young kid like in this case. I am really touched.

Bindiya said...

It's indeed heart touching... M very touched anu... May his soul rest in peace...

Anu said...

Thanks for visiting the blog Bindi...:)

Anu said...

@Rachna: Thanks for visiting my blog rachna..:)
@Langa: Thanks for visiting the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Little boy, was am interesting article....I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Little boys have similar traits they are naturally innocent...uill see one.. in times to come.

Jeremy Bates said...

I remember my little daughter! she chubby and so cute..

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